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Get to know the types of braces

There are various types of braces that can be chosen based on the material and method of use. By knowing the type, you can more easily choose braces as needed, both for aesthetic needs and to maintain oral health. Stirrup or braces is one tool to overcome the arrangement of teeth that cause complaints. Abnormalities in the composition of the teeth in question such as toothed teeth, advanced lower jaw, crammed teeth that are packed, and tenuous teeth. Besides causing appearance problems, abnormalities in the composition of the teeth can also interfere with the way they talk, how to chew, and cause damage to the tooth layer. Braces can be a solution to these tooth structure abnormalities. Let's look at the types of braces that are commonly used. The choice of the type of braces will be adjusted according to dental structure abnormalities, aesthetic considerations, and costs. Know the Types of Braces The following are various types of braces that are commonly used to treat tooth
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How to Take Care of Teeth for Stirrup Users

The use of braces or brace to spruce up the arrangement of teeth is increasingly found in various ages. Although effective, stirrup risks causing health problems if not treated properly. Dental plaque is a problem that is often experienced by stirrup users. This is caused by food scraps that are vulnerable tucked between stirrup. Therefore, oral hygiene must be really considered when using braces. How to Take Care of Dental Health for Braces Users There are things that need to be considered by stirrup users so that oral hygiene is always well maintained, including: 1. How to brush your teeth Brush your teeth using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste containing fluoride. For upper teeth, brush your teeth with the movement from top to bottom. Instead, for the lower teeth, brush with the movement from the bottom up. This movement is carried out on each tooth. Then, use a special small toothbrush braces to clean the dirt between the stirrup. 2. How to clean between your teeth (flossin

Clean the house from germs, beware of these 4 objects

Houses that look dirty are often considered nests of germs. However, actually a house that looks clean is not necessarily really clean if the process of cleaning the house from germs is not done properly. The presence of germs at home is difficult to avoid. Some types of bacteria can even develop very quickly in just minutes. Although the immune system or immunity will help the body fight germs, some germs including bacteria and viruses can trigger health problems, such as infectious diseases. Different Locations, Different Ways to Clean It How to clean each household appliance and maintain sanitation at home is certainly different. Here are various ways to clean the house from germs according to the type of object: Light switch and door handle Light switches and door handles are the things that are touched most often, but are often forgotten to clean. To maintain cleanliness, wipe using disinfectant wipes once a week. Take a new tissue for each light switch or door handle